Tip 12#: Look for savings coupons!
During this difficult economic crisis, every cents that you earn is precious! but that doesn’t mean we stop maintaining our beauty through healthy living and skin care products. What we can do is to be a more proactive consumer, to look for great deals when buying the same products. Great ways to save is using credits cards that offers you good discounts, signing up for member cards that entitled you for savings for return purchase, exchange your credit cards rewards points for vouchers, buying products in your birthday month (or your best friend’s birthday month)!

When ordering overseas, look for promotions and coupon codes that can help you save on total costs!

For girls who wanna order supplements and other great items at, you can use referal code LIM954 when you register, to get US$5 your first purchase.



Tip 11#: Watch the currency!
Hee, i realised that Taiwan currency has been going up recently while US rates are dropping significantly. Time to buy products from USA instead! I realised that there are some really good and cheap products! Thus we ought to have careful planning and anticipation of the currency trends! Shipping should also be taken into consideration to save on the hefty shipping costs!

Tip 10#: No one brand have all the good stuffs
I used to think that i would like to switch all my skin care to a particular brand so that the products will complement each other perfectly and enhance the results. But i realised that every brand has its best products and not all its products are good or suitable for your skin type! It’s better to buy what is best from each different brand, for each different needs! For example, you do not need to convert everything into SKII to have nice skin like QiQi, you will be too broke to maintain and u might look worse cos u will worry about where to get the money. So be a smart consumer today!

Tip 9#: Popular things might not be suitable for you
No matter how much raves a product received, you will never know if it’s really suitable for you. Try to get samples from cosmetic counters or ask your friend for a lil to tested out the product first, before investing on a unsuitable product for your unique skin. Remember! Though skins are generally categorize… but your skin is unique!

Tip 8#: There is no ugly woman, only lazy woman!!
This is very true! One of the most basic and fundamental way to looking beautiful is that you cannot be lazy! No matter what products you purchased, no matter how good it is, how expensive it is… It CANNOT work if you are lazy to apply or try out! Don’t be a lazy girl! I suggest no matter how lazy you are, you must adopt a proper cleansing routine! You know something? never ever take youth for granted!

Tip 7#: The answer to Healthy Clean Skin
A basic beauty routine is all it needs to a natural beautiful skin! We really do not need that much products! Other than wasting money, we are simply just overlapping the functions of many beauty products. Always remember that simplicity itself is a beauty. Being beautiful is just as easy as what Clinique’s 3 Step system promotes: Cleanse, Tone and moisturise!

Tip 6#: DIY your way! Be natural sometimes~
In modern world, it is really inevitable that we have become so accustomed to putting so much beauty products with preservatives and chemicals on our face! Some times, DIY with natural fruits and ingredients can do wonders to our face while giving us 100% good effect at only a neglible cost! One of the best DIY miracle mask is the egg white mask! It is suitable for ALL Skin types and is actually a “balancer” by itself! It’s hydrating on a dry skin and yet oil control on a oily skin! Whitening, tightening, deep cleansing, wrinkles-smoothening etc etc. You may also wish to check out other beauty DIY Recipes here.

Tip 5#: What a Waste of mask!
What do you do with masks that you purchased, but seldom use because you do not like it?? Usually it’s kept in the same position for ages till you decided that it’s way past its shelf life and thus expired, and you chuck it into the waste bin…. Hey~ Next time before you do that, remember that money invested, though on a product which u do not like, is still $$! We can still use the mask you know! How? By putting them into the bathroom, and once weekly, you can apply the masks on your arms, legs, and back especially, and wait for about 5 to 10 minutes before starting your bathing routine~!

Tip 4#: Massage your way to youth!
Do you know that there are massaging techniques available for our face to help tone the muscles on our face and improve blood circulation? Learn how to massage and what kind of miracles it brings to you now! By clicking on the videos on the main page!

Tip #3: Are you protected yet?
Sun block or sun screens are recommended by doctors as a must for our face. It is because the sun caused many damages to our skin and make us aged faster. Sunscreen can also help to block against pollutants in the environment too. Choosing a good sun screen that is suitable for your face is very important. You have to find out if you are allergic to the ingredients in the sun screen as alcohol will dry your skin in the long run and high silicone will cause an outbreaks in some people. If you found a good and suitable sun screen, it can serve as a make up base too! = )

Tip #2: Does it suit you?
When deciding to purchase a new product, my past experiences taught me that not to buy a product immediately from a store. Cos we usually tend to regret when it ain’t suitable or does not work. You can try to apply a little on the back of your hand and see if you are allergic to the product or if the product is effective. If time permits, you can go back to the store to purchase the next day. = )

Tip #1: Read behind the Marketing Tagline
When purchasing product, do not be tricked by the product descriptions. We always purchase and thought that we are using 100% pure products.. However, it could mean 100% Gel form or whatsoever. Do read the ingredients content carefully


  1. check out this skin supplement bar as i am using 6 serums and the effect is impressive and sustainable esp so it is to the dermis layer.. the only japan dermatologist retailing in spore today

  2. hey ash, what skin supplement bar?

    can u elaborate? ThankS!!

  3. How to order ?? I would like to be agent??

  4. hi, u said tat about the niu er red wine mask, can i know how to order from tat web?

  5. hi miracule,I just want to know if a pregnant woman is still safe to drink Meiji amino collagen?thank you very much and i’ll wait for your response.

    • hi nseige,

      collagen is not harmful, it’s just a supplement.

      however, i find that during pregnancy, our hormones level changed drastically and thus skin also appear different.

      Me for one, especially! thus i choose not to waste money on taking the collagen because during this period, my gynae gave me folic acid, iron pills and calcium pills, fish oils etc… i just simply concentrate on taking what’s good for the baby. 🙂

  6. thank you very much ms.miracule for your fast reply,I’m very happy to receive your information,but wait how about hyaluronic acid?is it also safe for pregnant women?

    • hi nseige,

      i did a search on the internet. the use of hyaluronic acid during pregnancy has not being evaluated. meaning there is no research being done. i do not think that it will be harmful as if it’s then it would have gained attention and tests being carried out. but no news might means good news.

      However, if i were you, i will minimise as much stuffs to apply on the skin as possible, especially during the early stages of the pregnany.. how many weeks are you in now?? this is to prevent absorbtion into the blood stream and affect your baby… it’s just 10 months only.. endure ok? 🙂 nothing beats having a healthy baby!

      i am in my 30th week now and my face is already scarred by the pimples and still affected by pimples now.. but no one will care!! just concentrate on enjoying the pregnancy and welcoming your baby first!

  7. hello again ms.miracule,im now in my two-month.thank you very much for your effort researching my questions.very appreciated!yeah your right,I should not take risk for anything that can harm my baby.thanks again and have a bouncing healthy baby and safe delivery!

  8. i want to face slimmiing

  9. Any advice for spider veins on the nose and cheek area? I’ve heard of vit. k cream but any suggestions like the egg white mask?


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